Initial Consultation

All consulting events come with a complimentary 1 hour consultation to determine your organisation's requirements. 

RTO Health Assessment

Designed for RTOs, this service can be tailored to meet your needs- have a full compliance health check completed, or focus on one Standard, a few clauses or a course. Find out what is working well and where you can improve! 

Change Management

Whether you are wanting to  change a single process or take on a larger project we can support your organisation to plan, enact and sustain change over the long term by helping you identify strengths and potential blockers and how to overcome them. 

Quality Assurance Planning

Not sure how to maintain compliance with Standard Two? We can help you develop and  implement quality assurance, monitoring and evaluating activities of your training and assessment strategies and practices that meet training package requirements. 

Learning Program Development

Need help designing stimulating, effective learning programs for your clients, students or employees? Utilising knowledge of best practise and quality pedagogy in education and training, we can help you design a single module or a full course. 

Learning Materials Development

Need to create or update learning materials for a course on your Scope of Delivery to meet Standard 1.3? We can help tailored materials for your Learning Management System or mode of delivery.

Assessment Task Development

Need help designing assessment tasks that are flexible and really assess what students know and can do? This option is for RTO's seeking compliant tasks or schools wanting fresh, interesting tasks that assess curriculum understanding. 

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