Professional Learning

RTO Compliance for Beginners

For RTO/ school RTO trainers: a refresher or introduction to the latest in RTO compliance as it applies to trainers and assessors. What are your responsibilities? Tips and tricks to manage compliance. Quick reference guide provided to all participants.

Designing Quality VET Assessment Tools

The focus of this professional learning event is the design of quality, compliant tools that assess what students know and can do against Unit of Competency requirements. Participants will also learn about assessment mapping, moderation and quality assurance.

Assessment Design (Secondary)

Tired of the same old assessment tasks? Not getting the best out of your students? Did the majority of students not produce what your were expecting? Looking to try something new?

This professional learning experience is designed to help you design effective assessment tasks aligned to curriculum with clear intructions for students, explicit criteria and marking guides to assist with moderation. 

Using the Core Skills for Work Framework

This PL event provides an overview of the Core Skills for Work Framework and its place in preparing students for the transition into work or as a foundation from which to develop learning products to address the identified needs of learners.

Literacy and Numeracy in VET

Literacy, numeracy and communication skills underpin the majority of Units of Competence. Learn how to assess your students spiky profile, plan meaningful learning opportunities for individual students against the UoC requirements and assess the skills in real world contexts.

Trainer's Toolbox

The trainer's toolbox workshop provides a handy set of tools to engage your learners, check for student understanding, encourage lively discussions and feedback and enhance student learning. Great for those starting out or for a fun refresher.

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